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At Summit, we continue to excite our customers with creating interior and exterior user experiences with a superior surface application, camera technologies for ADAS and Autonomous vehicles and ambient lighting technology illuminated interior trim, giving the car a more inviting cabin.

Sporty Inspiration

Aluminum trim radiates a cool elegance in vehicle
interiors. The modern surfaces effortlessly combine with
other materials for an expression of sportiness and

We are also responsible for the competence for
components as well as for aluminum. This ensures that
your order remains in the best hands from the design
stage through the production of the plastic injection
moldings to the joining of the aluminum shell with the
plastic carrier and the surface finish.

Trim Solution

Most Noble Intentions

Wood is a natural product that has always enjoyed a special value in its original beauty. In the car interior, wood-refined components are among the noblest decorative parts. Each product is unique in its grain and texture . Valuable woods give the interior an aura of classic luxury.

Ultimate Performance

Real carbon fiber trim is known for its sleek beauty and feeling of high-performance. A premium ambience is added to interiors with the depth and movement of the woven surfaces.

EV Battery Enhancing Performance

If you need something to enhance your specific xEV battery application, we’re ready to collaborate for the future. We’ll help you optimize your designs and streamline production.

We provide various sub-systems of lithium battery pack for electric vehicles from a build-to-print, a cooperative design to build or a turn-key solutions according to customer needs.

  • HV Busbar
  • Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU)
  • Stator connect Unit
  • Power distribution Unit
  • Inter connection Board

EV Battery Related Solutions

Our destination is to enhance range, safety and battery life for automotive OEM.

Vision Technology


Automotive Camera Solutions

Camera systems and camera link technologies are being deployed in an ever-increasing range of applications in vehicles to assist drivers and augment the driving experience.

We develop various systems from traditional rear-view camera (RVC), surround-view systems (SVS) featuring four or more cameras that provide a 360° perspective of the vehicle. electronic Anti-glare rear view Mirror, full Display rear view mirror and camera monitor system(2c, 5c)

Drive recorders, blind spot monitoring, night vision, road sign recognition, lane departure monitors, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, and low speed collision avoidance systems all help ease the load on the driver.

Drive with safety and Comfort

Lighting technology plays a very important role in motor vehicles with regard to the safety of vehicle and to road users.

Our ambient automotive lights generate attractive, robust and functional exterior and interior illumination, delivering design freedom and qualified safety.

We also develop side mirror with the most safety feature solution with BSD light and STI.

Lighting Solutions